Nature in Me©Process Painting Retreat :

Entering the Cave of Creativity

Sky Story Bed & Breakfast/Studio
Val Marie, SK

August 3, 6:30 - 9:30 pm and
August 4, 9:30 - 5:30 pm

Fee to honour this mini retreat weekend: $145 including materials.

(Note: There is an option to continue to paint on Sunday morning. Please add $55.00)

Sky Story offers a safe, quiet and beautiful setting for a deep retreat experience. To register or for more information contact Diana 1 306 550 5377 or
Note: Sky Story accomodation discount available for retreat attendees
Val Marie, Saskatchewan 

To register or for more information contact Diana 1 306 550 5377 or

Art Gallery of Swift Current

Nature in Me©Process Painting Retreat

Connecting, Body Heart & Mind

Dates: November 2nd, 6:30 pm - 9:30pm and

           November 3rd, 9:30 am - 9:30 pm and

           November 4th, 9:30 - 3:00 pm

Location: Dickson School Facility, Swift Current, Saskatchewan

Fee to honour this full weekend retreat: $265 CA including materials.

To register or for more information contact Diana 1 306 550 5377 or

Who is this retreat for?

For Seekers....

Where are you at in life? Are you looking for some balance to your work focussed world? Do you feel compelled to make a leap but that voice of fear is holding you back? For now, give voice to your creativity and acknowledge your inner nature through process painting. Using humble materials amidst a group of supportive peers, both non-artists, and artists alike will find the Nature in Me© painting process truly transformational. Whether deliberating over significant decisions, healing from an illness, or finding your footing on a new path, this process yields incredibly rich results: messages from deep within and awe-inspiring gifts from which to benefit for a lifetime. This is a self-inquiry process like no other!

For Would-be Creatives...

Have you ever wanted to paint but didn’t know how to begin? Are you an artist experiencing a blockage? Does an inner voice prompt you to dig deeply to tap the mystery of your creative flow, your life force, the Source? It’s time to awaken your artist’s soul! Nature in Me© Process Painting allows one to authentically feel, explore core archetypes and express personal imagery necessary for powerful transformation! With the use of simple materials and the option of other unique  techniques in a supportive environment, participants embark upon a rich and life changing personal journey of discovery. Based on Aviva Gold’s work, Painting from the Source, (, this process will benefit both non-artists and artists who wish to fruitfully further their inner dialogue and/or rejuvenate their creative practices. Space is limited. Must be 18 years of age to register. All materials supplied.

For Artists...

The impulse to paint for many of us is insistent. It never leaves, regardless of whether or not we pay attention to it. Some of us, however, get stuck at some point or never know how to begin. Nature in Me©Process Painting gifts us with a lifelong practice of self-inquiry through paint, a means to stay in touch with one’s authentic creative life force. If you know of anyone who might benefit from attending this retreat experience, please have them get in touch with me. 

Although this  retreat is not solely about ‘nature’ as we think of it, it  encourages us to re-connect to Mother Nature, all aspects, and provides an opportunity to encounter in a safe environment one’s own nature, expressive capacity, blockages, archetypes, and the need for numinous mystery in our lives. This practice can lead to emotional clarity, and can be deeply healing. Each registrant will begin a personal journey of discovery all their own. Contact me with any questions you may have. Full retreat description below.

Recent retreat participants had this to say:
“The embodiment process was compelling and powerful. I never expected that feeling and energy!” (Participant)

"It was a life-changing experience. It showed me that I can trust myself to find my way from pain and suffering to health and joy." (Participant)

"I learned so much from Diana. She provided a safe and nurturing environment that made it able for me to break through my blocks. She was encouraging, patient, and a wonderful sounding-board. I would love to participate in another one of these retreats!” (Participant)

"I would not have been able to discover, uncover and recover the information brewing below the surface without Diana's firm but gentle prodding, proving to me it's the subtle nudges that have the power when working with human fears." (Participant)
I look forward to the possibility of spending a retreat weekend with you! Weeklong retreats also available.

Namas te

What is Nature in Me© Process Painting?
The Nature in Me Process Painting retreat weekend provides an opportunity for non-artists and artists alike to experience the transformative energy of creativity through paint. Encouraged to approach humble materials with the curiosity of a child, participants will paint in a free flowing manner to achieve nonpreconceived images and personally derived symbols of personal significance. Throughout the weekend, in response to their paintings, participants will have the option to use additionally powerful techniques to gain greater clarity, based on the emotions, thoughts and visions which intuitively surface. Through paint, participants will be encouraged to engage with long pondered personal questions, potential blockages and personally charged metaphors within a framework of archetypal patterns. 

Collaborating as co-creators with the Divine (Life Force, Source, Creator, inner Buddha…), each participant will journey into the cave of creativity and emerge at the end of the weekend with new insights, potentially reaching a breakthrough painting and a level of personal clarity.

Participants will be encouraged to take creative risks, step out of their comfort zone, and stay committed to their own exploration; to their own evolution.

What can you expect to experience during the weekend?

An intensive energy flow
A safe, nurturing environment
Laughter and tears
Super charged intuition
Bonding with sister/fellow painters
Hard work/joyful play

Movement meditation breaks
Sacred sharing circles
Engagement of one’s psychic learning curve
Collective commitment to maintaining confidentiality
Lots of color, internally and externally
A breakthrough painting for personal reference and inspiration
A simple, unique process to inform a lifelong, healing, creative practice

 What not to expect…

Traditional painting instruction (although suggestions may be made for where to find particular information)
Painting formulas
A list of take-away teachings
A painting to show or sell

Kriya Yoga 1 - 42 (for Energy & Healing)

Dates TBD

Reduce anxiety and develop a flexible mind and body. Based on 42 simple movements this humble meditation practice calls us to live without attachment in order to reduce suffering. Focusing on bodily sensations rather than the chatter and drama of the mind, regular practice of this form of meditation can effect remarkable change over time. 

Dana (donation) gratefully accepted: (Suggested value of workshop $130)
Small group size so register early! Call 1 306 550 5377 or email

Yoga Educator: Diana Chabros, BFA, M.Ed
Artist and consultant, Diana studies Traditional Yoga and Yoga Nidra with Brenda & Georg Feuerstein Diana also practices Kriya Yoga 1 - 42 with Ginger Cunes, Calgary, AB, and has been initiated into Babaji's Kriya Yoga tradition by Amman, Christopher Lake, SK.

Workshop participants had this to say:

​" I dreamt a lot after this workshop!" (1 - 42 Participant)

" After taking this workshop I slept better than I have in years and my sleep quality has  definitely improved."  (1 - 42 Patricipant)​​

Yoga Nidra for Personal Transformation

Stay tuned for new 2018 date!

A one day creative workshop offered in your community!

Are you ready for personal change yet don’t know how to make the leap? Yoga Nidra, (known as ‘sleep yoga’), is a powerfully self-transformative practice in which one reflects deeply on one’s personal state and, with short periods of an audio based deep relaxation technique, achieves that life affirming change.
A state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, Yoga Nidra is different than meditation, and more potent than affirmations. This one day workshop will teach registrants how to craft a personal resolution as well as develop a simple but effective regular Yoga Nidra practice to achieve robust personal and/or spiritual change in their lives. Anyone can benefit!
Materials including recordings will be provided to allow for continued practice at home.  Bring a bagged lunch, a yoga mat if you have one, blanket and water bottle.Light snacks and beverages will be provided.(Please advise of allergies well before workshop.)

Space is limited so please register early! Must be 16 years or older. Note: Registrants receive 10% discount on accomodation for workshop weekends.

Facilitator: Diana Chabros, BFA, M.Ed (Yoga Educator, Artist, & Consultant)

Investment: $145


In 2012, Diana responded to significant dreams and life messages for deep change by relocating from a mid-sized Canadian city to the tiny village of Val Marie, Saskatchewan to paint, walk, listen and learn upon the land which inspires her: the deep Southwest. Trading institutional work within culture for entrepreneurship and a commitment to her art practice, Diana now paints and serves as consultant/manager for her life partner, interdisciplinary artist and Nehiyo/Cree knowledge keeper Joseph Naytowhow with whom she also collaborates. She also operates a small bed & breakfast, teaches traditional Yoga, studies Tibetan Buddhist philosophy (Gelugpa tradition), offers retreats and  workshops, and works tirelessly to care for and stabilize Val Marie’s cat population. A trained visual artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Master’s degree in arts education, her color-rich fictional and traditional landscapes urge the viewer to adopt a more meaningful connection to their inner and outer environments. Her paintings can be found in both public and private collections and can be viewed  at  For information about Diana's Yoga  and art workshops and retreats, scroll down, or email her at

Kind comments by kind people...

"Diana has a wonderful ability to create space for personal growth and healing in her workshops and retreats. She has a gift for teaching and shares her knowledge with grace, humility and kindness. I have been fortunate to attend several of her offerings and look forward to attending more!" (Nicole, Workshop Participant)

" I've enjoyed this workshop! Diana is very honest and approachable as a teacher/facilitator." (Workshop Participant)

" Diana's compassionate, wise and humble teaching style is truly inspirational. She provides a safe, non-judgmental environment in which to ask questions and the slower pace of her Yoga classes reminds me to take a gentle and graceful approach to life as well!"

(Dena, Workshop Participant)